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Claim a KITH Sketch

(Or, "Yes, the Citizen Kane sketch has already been taken.")

Claim a Kids in the Hall Sketch
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Love the Kids in the Hall? Want to claim a sketch? Well, here's your chance to do so.

1.) You may claim one and only one sketch.

2.) One person per sketch, for now, anyway. Sorry. If by some chance we get SO MANY MEMBERS that sketches are running thin, this rule will be lifted. Look

3.) No being an asshole if you don't get your desired sketch. This means that you don't flame other members about petty stuff like online claiming. I'm assuming my fellow KITH fans are above that kind of behavior, though.

4.) Make an effort to read through the "Claims List" before...um...attempting to claim.

Happy claiming!

Questions? Comments? Anthrax-infested mail? Well then contact the mod: _uh_huh_her.

Claims List:
_uh_huh_her - The "Asshole" Sketch
yitzhak_groupie - "Ain't Gonna Spread for No Roses"
originalenid - Girl Drink Drunk
dance_to_this - Fiore Parfums
girlinthehall - Womyn
poofter - Oww
pompadour_love - Buddy Cole: Empty Bar
neon_color - Creative Possibilities
gleam_the_cube - Citizen Kane
austingoddess - The Friendly Couples
kaitplummer - The Bad Doctor
therbee - The Architect and the Atrium
seamoreglass10 - Breaking into Showbiz
_kathairein_ - Buddy Cole: I'm Canadian
badger_trouble - Bank People
jenbly - Sizzler Sister's Lounge Act